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Portugueses na Holanda

O principal meio de informação em português na Holanda. Notícias, informação e ponto de encontro da comunidade portuguesa.

Portugueses na Holanda

O principal meio de informação em português na Holanda. Notícias, informação e ponto de encontro da comunidade portuguesa.

Oferta de Trabalho


A ISA, International School of Amsterdam, tem alunos de origens portuguesas e pretende para o lugar de Professor Particular, uma pessoa com as qualificações abaixo descritas, para aulas de português.

Se preenche os requisitos pedidos e está à procura de emprego, eis aqui uma boa oportunidade no ensino do nosso idioma no estrangeiro.

Pretende-se pessoas já a viverem na área de Amsterdam, ou pelo menos, já na Holanda.


A pedido da ISA, segue-se a Oferta de Trabalho:

Portuguese tutors needed:

The International School of Amsterdam (ISA), located in the Amsterdam suburbs, is seeking a Portuguese tutor for children from Portugal,  with varying degrees of proficiency in the Portuguese language.  Ideally the tutor is already located in the Amsterdam area.


ISA follows the International Baccalaureate programs.  In grades 6-10 (children ages 11-16) the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), mother-tongue Portuguese children follow a literature-based language development program designed to use high quality texts to facilitate a child's language development, focuses particularly on consolidating and expanding already strong reading and writing.  For children developing their Portuguese language skills, the IB MYP Language B -- Language Acquisition framework -- is followed.


Some practical details of the tutoring position:

  • tutors are not ISA employees; rather, they are employed by the parent and ISA provides guidelines for the courses taught;
  • each lesson is between 75 and 90 minutes, depending on the course.  
  • tutoring conditions are specified by ISA's tutoring guidelines.  The most important points are

o a maximum rate of €50 per hour can be charged for students in MYP (grades 6-10); a maximum rate of €75/hour for Diploma classes.

o If more than one child is in the class, the cost of the lesson is shared between the children in the class.  (For example, if there are two children in the class, the maximum cost the tutor may charge for the class is 50 euros per hour, with each child paying 25 euros per hour.)

o all billing of lessons must go through ISA's business office.


In seeking a tutor, it's always useful to seek the ideal qualifications.  To this end, ISA believes the best tutors have the following language background and education experience:  

  • mother-tongue/native speaker of the language who has been educated in the educational system of the language's culture. (eg:  a Portuguese speaker who grew up in Portuguese schools in Portugal is ideal.);


For the literature based program:

  • a good understanding of the literature of the language;
  • an ability to teach formal academic writing in an engaging manner;
  • certified teacher because a certified teacher usually has a good understanding of child development;
  • teacher who understands and has taught the language;
  • tertiary education/university education with literature and writing as the field of study;
  • very good English language skills.  (Necessary for effective communication with ISA and understanding of the program that s/he must teach the students.)


For the language acquisition program:

We are also seeking a tutor with experience teaching the Portuguese language to near beginners, aged 10 and 13.  These children are Portuguese nationals who have grown up with some background in Portuguese but need a structured Portuguese language learning program with an enthusiastic teacher who enjoys working with adolescents. 



Please note that the above are all ideal; some of the above qualifications could be a very good starting point for a potential tutor.  


Interested?  Please send your CV, in English, to .


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